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Hi, welcome to HarmusArt, an online art shop that is close to my heart. As a United States army veteran, I struggled to fit back into society after returning from the Iraqi war. The struggle led me to fall into depression and addiction, which ultimately led to homelessness. In 2018, I discovered painting and found it to be a form of therapy that helped me heal.

Today, with several years of recovery under my belt, I create stunning hand-painted canvas art that reflects the transformative power of art. Each piece is unique, and I pour my heart and soul into every stroke. By purchasing one of my paintings, you're not only getting a beautiful piece of art but also contributing to a worthy cause.

HarmusArt is more than just an online art shop; it's a platform where art meets purpose. I aim to share the healing process with others through my paintings. Thank you for considering my artwork and supporting my journey.




My inspiration for painting comes from the moments that make up our daily lives, whether they are good or bad. I believe that each moment is unique and deserves to be captured and shared in its own way.

Through my artwork, I aim to create a reflection of these moments, to evoke emotions and tell a story. Whether it's a beautiful sunset or a difficult experience, I feel that I have the ability to bring it to life on canvas.

My paintings are not just decorative pieces, but they are also a representation of the human experience. By owning one of my paintings, you're not just adding beauty to your home or office but also a piece of the human spirit's resilience.

Thank you for considering HarmusArt as your go-to destination for beautiful and meaningful art that tells a story.

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